Car Window De-icer – A Thing of the Past

Frozen Car Windows Requiring Some De-icerIt’s a cold and frosty morning and your car’s windows are covered in ice. You wrap up to keep warm, grab your de-icer spray and head outside, scraper in hand.

Maybe, you’ve run out of de-icer – or simply prefer to roll your sleeves up and scrape away at the iced up windows.

Do you start the engine while you spray your de-icer and scrape away at the windows? And, if you do start your engine, do you leave your car running on the driveway while you pop back inside and wait in the warm?

Starting your engine and leaving your car unattended leaves you highly vulnerable to what’s become known as ‘Ice Bandits’ – people that go around stealing cars that have been left unattended on the drive with their keys in the ignition and the engines running.

The Liquid Glass Shield De-icer Alternative

None of these options are ideal. Clearing iced up windows is no fun but, now, all that scraping could be a thing of the past. Just take a look at this video;

The Liquid Glass Shield nano coating provides a protective coating that nothing, readily, sticks to – including ice and frost. As you can see from the video, the effect of this is that there’s no need to be scraping the ice or spending money on de-icer.

Once coated with Liquid Glass Shield the ice simply brushes away – no de-icer required.

No More Leaving Your Car Running on the Drive

The problem with leaving your car unattended on the drive with the engine running is that, if your car does get stolen, You’re NOT insured. Your insurance company won’t pay out because you’ve contravened their terms and conditions.

Again, the solution is simple. Protect your car windows with Liquid Glass Shield and you can quickly and easily brush away the ice from the windows. There’s no need to leave your car unattended.

Check out our Automotive Products and get your Liquid Glass Shield protection, now!

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Steve Bimpson

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