LGS 5 Litre Soft Surface Automotive Interior
Automotive – Car Interior – 5 Litres
9th September 2014
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Liquid Glass Shield - Soft Surface 1litre

Automotive – Car Interior – 1 Litre


Liquid Glass Shield interior protection for Automotive – 1 Litre


Liquid Glass Shield interior protection for Automotive – 1 Litre

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  1. Patrick Cruise

    (verified owner):

    I purchased the liquid glass shield soft surfaces to protect my new bmw’s carpets and floor mats. I have tried other products that were available on my old vehicle and was not happy with the way they felt and looked after using those products. Many other products left a shine, stickiness or harsh smell after application.

    After extensive searching and research I found liquid glass shield. The major difference between liquid glass shield and other products is that the liquid glass shield is a water based product. This means that during application the liquid has virtually no smell and is not caustic to your skin. Furthermore, the liquid glass shield does not alter the look or feel of your carpets. Once fully dried the carpets look exactly as they did before application but are completly water resistant and protected from UV damage.

    It was necessary for me to apply 200ml to fully treat the front and rear floors and mats. After application I poured water and then grape juice onto the carpets and the liquid simply beaded up allowing for extremely easy clean up with a cloth.

    Overall, I am truly amazed and impressed with this product. I was informed by the company that one treatment should last for 1 year and then need to be reapplied. This product is not inexpensive, however the end results are truly amazing and worth the expense.

    Lastly, I feel it necessary to also mention that the customer service pertaining to this product was outstanding. Every question I had was immediately answered.

  2. Steve Bimpson


    Thanks for the feedback, Patrick. We really appreciate it.

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