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If we told you that Liquid Glass Shield was an 'invisible' nano coating, 500 times thinner than a human hair but a coating that can be applied to almost any surface to help protect it, that would probably sound like we were sharing a plot line straight out of the latest science fiction movie.

So before you are tempted to pop outside to do a bit of flying pig spotting, we thought it best to demonstrate this incredible liquid glass technology with a quick video, so sit back, relax and prepare to be amazed….

What can I protect with Liquid Glass Shield?

Liquid Glass Shield is formulated differently for specific uses to enhance the protective qualities offered in any particular application. You can find out more about the different categories of use and the benefits that apply in each category by following the relevant information boxes:

Exterior and interior nano protection for cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles and more...
Nano protection for hard and soft indoor surfaces in and around the home or office.
Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial protection for baby, nursery and you.
Invisible nano protection for smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras and more...
Exterior and interior protection for yachts, motor boats, outboards and watercraft.
High performance surface protection for commercial and industrial applications.
High performance surface protection for professionals and specifiers.
Natural protection for your hair and nails Discover more at hairglass.co.uk

A bit more about the technology

As you can see from the video, the level of protection that Liquid Glass Shield provides is incredibly impressive and it can protect a diverse range of both soft and hard surfaces.

Liquid Glass Shield is also a completely natural product, free from chemicals and additives, making it environmentally sound. It is completely safe to use in virtually any circumstance and has successfully been tested for food safety and in hygiene critical environments such as hospitals and laboratories. Furthermore, it is almost impossible to detect either visibly or by touch, that a surface has been coated.

Liquid Glass Shield is completely natural, safe and invisible, yet it protects like nothing else.

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