Most of us have various consumer electronic devices, mobile phones, laptop computers, iPad’s etc and keeping the surface protected and clean can be a challenge especially if you are always using it. Tech-Hygiene is becoming a far bigger issue than ever before as we use our portable electronic devices in so many ways and often in environments where dust, water and dirt can attack or damage our valuble gadgets. Liquid Glass Shield has manufactured a specific formula that will protect all devices from contaminants and abrasion damage as it invisibly covers the complete device in a shield of glass.

The nano-coating not only protects the device from surface damage but also keep it hygienic as it contains an anti bacterial formula, in recent tests many devices were found to harbour various undesirable viruses and other illness causing bugs but a device coated in Liquid Glass Shield would help stop these bugs bonding themselves to the surface and help maintain a positive tech-hygeine plan.

Additional benefits of coating your device in Liquid Glass Shield:
• helps to reduce abrasions
• Repairs and restores oleophobic coatings which help resist fingerprints and smudges
• No need to buy expensive, bulky and unattractive cases
• Environmentally friendly coating that is 100% natural and chemical free
• Each application lasts up to 12 months before re-application is required
• Completely invisible and will not effect the function or appearance of the device

Download the Liquid Glass Shield for Technology Information Sheet (PDF - Adobe Acrobat or Reader required)