There’s nothing more precious than a mother and baby. And, as a mother, holding your new born baby for the first time is a simple act that triggers a whole host of feelings, emotions and connections that grow, naturally, from our instinct to love and protect our child.

An instinct that grows ever stronger as the relationship between mother and baby grows and develops.

Born from these instincts, it becomes second nature for us to want to do all that we can to protect and care for our baby. Their care and safety become our prime concern ………. and our major source of worry. After all, there are so many things to think about, aren’t there?

We all know the many do’s and don’ts for keeping our baby safe including using the right milk, keeping him or her warm, cleanliness of bottles, teats, bibs, blankets, car seats and all manner of things that we’ve never had to think about before. And then there’s safety, and all that goes with that.

This all raises lots of questions in our minds. Questions like;

- Are we doing the right things?
- Is this safe?
- Is this clean?
- What about bacteria and infection?
- Could this hurt my baby?
- What else can I do to make sure my baby’s safe?

And yet, the burden is on us. Our baby doesn’t give any thought to these things, at all. Our baby doesn’t think twice about putting things in his or her mouth, about licking things, touching things or putting their fingers in their mouths afterwards. We’re the ones that think about germs and bacteria on their behalf. That’s part of our role.

At Liquid Glass Shield we understand that as a new, or not so new, mother you take on the responsibility of caring for your baby. We also understand that you have enough things to think about without the added need to constantly worry about the cleanliness of the surfaces your baby comes into contact with.

At the same time, we also understand that it’s important that your baby builds immunity and a gentle association with germs and bacteria is essential to building a healthy system.

We’ve looked carefully at the variety of surfaces that your baby comes into contact with and developed a 100% natural Baby and Nursery formula which protects you, your baby and their brothers and sisters. The formulation comes in two parts and is designed to protect both hard and soft surfaces.

The hard product formulation can be applied to almost any hard surface and incorporates an antibacterial protector that’s highly resistant to both bacteria and viruses. It’s even approved for use in hospitals because of its outstanding bacteriostatic properties and it even works where the surface is hidden away – around the side of push chairs, strollers, changing mats and beds etc.

Milk and other liquids can seep into these hidden areas causing a potential build-up of bacteria, which can lead to illness and tummy upset. On cots and infant car seats Liquid Glass Shield will help keep everything safe and very easy to clean, even on textured surfaces such as restraining belts and buckles which can often harbour bugs and germs.

On soft surfaces, Liquid Glass Shield protects from spills and stops staining from almost all liquids and foods. The product can be used safely on bedding, mattresses, soft toys and even baby’s bibs and clothes. Once applied the surface becomes stain resistant and easy to clean with plain water. No chemicals or cleansers need to be used ever again.

As with all Liquid Glass Shield products, Baby and Nursery is 100% natural and contains no chemicals or additives of any kind. It’s incredibly easy to apply, requires no special precautions for use and has been tested by TUV SUD, one of the world’s leading and most respected technical service and independent test facility organisations.

Liquid Glass Shield Baby and Nursery Products