News • Liquid Glass Shield

7th February 2018

Tesla Model S Paint Protection

Our friends at Nano Tech Auto have sent us this short video showing how Liquid Glass Shield automotive exterior polish not only protects the car exterior […]
8th January 2018

New Mobile and Windshield Protection From Our Partners At G-ZED Mobile

    Our US partners, G-ZED MOBILE have sent us this video¬†demonstrating their amazing protective coatings. They have recently expanded their range of protection systems and […]
7th December 2017

No More Scratched Vehicle Paint

  No one likes scratched paint on their car, its unsightly and detracts from the look of the vehicle. Unfortunately some scratches cant be avoided but […]
30th November 2017

Beware of ice-Bandits Stealing Your Car

This year the RAC has reported that cars have been stolen by criminals (ice-bandits) when the owners were de-icing their vehicles. Many vehicle owners/operators are unaware […]