Liquid Glass Shield is such a versatile product that the applications for the system are almost limitless. Our commercial applications portfolio are designed to offer companies with an environmentally friendly solution to traditional problems that until now have almost always needed harsh chemicals linked with high labour costs and countless health and safety issues. In most cases a coating of Liquid Glass Shield will protect a surface for up to 12 months without the need to resort to rigorous cleaning or re-application regardless of surface type, hard or soft.

Asset Protection (Carpets/Upholstery)

A clear and very practical use for the product is asset protection in the form of a physical coating over any floor covering, fabric or upholstery. Once applied Liquid Glass Shield will invisibly protect the fabric from accidental spills and damage with the benefit that coated fibres will last on average 2.5 times longer than similar untreated fibres as abrasion damage is resisted which can be especially important on seating and high-use traffic areas such as corridors and busy offices. The coated surface does not change in colour or texture and is completely odourless, in fact the coated fabric will resist strong odours including food smells and cigarette smoke.

Anti-Graffiti (Vandalism) Protection

Unfortunately the sight of graffiti and defacing is common in many of our towns and cities, millions of pounds are spent removing graffiti from buildings, decorative structures and vehicles. This removal requires harsh chemicals and abrasives that are not only harmful to humans but are also damage our fragile environment. An application of Liquid Glass Shield will invisibly protect the surface and should paint or ink be sprayed or applied to the surface it cannot adhere so removal is simple, either wash or brush with plain water and the obscenity will be a thing of the past. The formula is designed to be easy to apply and even delicate materials can be protected without damage which can be especially useful on old buildings or listed structures.


One of the inbuilt characteristics of Liquid Glass Shield is its anti-bacterial properties, once applied the treated surface will automatically stop the growth of bacteria and in tests carried out by medical professionals it was confirmed that a treated surface would be 60% less likely to be inhabited by harmful bacteria and germs as reproduction is significantly reduced. Already we have seen the product being used in high concentration areas such as shopping centres, sports facilities, doctors surgeries and schools. For certain areas a longer term anti-bacterial formula is available which will kill all virus’s and pathogens for up to 11 days after application.

Reduced Cleaning Costs

In many business sectors the process of cleaning and keeping a high standard of hygiene is paramount, in almost all cases the cost of the actual cleaning chemicals/products and labour contribute to a significant cost to the business. Once a coating of Liquid Glass Shield is applied the surface it will become far more resistant to dirt, grime and stains and the actual process of cleaning will be far easier as only plain water will be needed where once chemicals would be required to achieve the same result. In recent tests it was found that not only did labour time significantly reduce but the saving on chemicals and other cleaning products was reduced by over 86% giving a massive saving on standard cleaning practices. More importantly, the saving is also mirrored by a drastic reduction in harmful chemicals being washed into waste water systems which is a major contributor to pollution and damage to wildlife and plants. Liquid Glass Shield Commercial Product Range

Because of the more demanding environments that are offered in commercial applications due to higher traffic levels and greater use, there are a variety of specialist Liquid Glass Shield formulations that have been developed to provide more enhanced benefits in certain areas.

Taking this approach enables us to refine products in a way where certain attributes are enhanced to make the product a bit more robust and provide greater longevity in these high traffic areas.

There are options in 1 Litre and 5 Litre sizes for the different formulations but please contact us if you have a requirement for quantities in excess of this as there are further commercial discounts available, dependent on the quantities involved.

Download the Liquid Glass Shield for Buildings Information Sheet (PDF - Adobe Acrobat or Reader required)