Liquid Glass Shield Extreme OutdoorsLiquid Glass Shield – Extreme, our NEW range of nano-protective coatings designed to operate in the most difficult and challenging conditions. These products protect clothing and equipment including electronic devices that are used in areas where water, sand, mud and dust are present which may cause equipment failure and personal discomfort.

The outdoors can be a very inhospitable place; weather changes can catch even the most seasoned sportsperson unaware, which can make an enjoyable experience quickly turn miserable.

The Norwegians, a people used to dealing with difficult and often life threatening weather conditions, have an interesting saying;

Det er ikke noe slikt som dårlig vær, bare upassende klær.
which, when roughly translated means;
There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.

The team at Liquid Glass Shield has the solution for all of the professional and keen sportsman who brave Mother Nature and all she can throw at them.

Introducing: Liquid Glass Shield - Extreme Outdoor

This unique surface coating can be applied to all outdoor wear including hats, gloves, jackets, trousers even boots and glasses.  The nano-coating will not affect the look or feel of the item but give a strong, safe and most importantly chemical free coating that will protect the garment from rain, snow, ice, dirt and grime.

Now you can enjoy your favourite outdoor sport or pastime without worrying about the weather.

Supplied either in bulk or pre-packed our Extreme range offers the professional and enthusiast protection in the most extreme conditions.

Please contact one of our dedicated Extreme team by filling in the contact form, below, and we'll be happy to discuss our Extreme range of products (and our other products, if appropriate), which are designed for the most demanding applications.

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