When it comes to treating your carpets with Liquid Glass Shield we highly recommend that you take advantage of our Professional Application Service and trust the application to one of our Licensed Distributors.

The following video shows an example of the process that our teams go through to carry out the application;

Liquid Glass Shield Carpet Application Video

As you can see from the video, knowing exactly how much product to use is critical – as is having the appropriate equipment to carry out the application. Our teams have both the knowledge and experience and the equipment. It’s also important to identify whether the carpet needs to be cleaned prior to treatment.

In addition to this, our Licensed Distributors purchase the product in volume at wholesale rates. Our recommended application charges take this in to account and the cost of using one of our Licensed Distributors means that you, effectively, purchase the Liquid Glass Shield that you would need to carry out a do-it-yourself application and get the application done for free.

If you’d like to enquire about having your carpets protected with Liquid Glass Shield simply fill out the form, below;


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