About Us

The team at Liquid Glass Shield have been selected from various industries directly linked to the manufacture and distribution of Sio2 and its associated products and formulations. The teams principle aim is to provide a one stop, end to end service for all individuals, companies and groups who use advanced nano-protective surface coatings. Over the last 60 months the team has grown to cover the UK, Germany, Portugal, Spain, United States and India which has given the company far reaching access to existing and new markets in most parts of the globe.

The business is segmented into several key sections which cater to specific markets and associated applications from multimedia through to industrial surface protection and management. As an example our multimedia division covers all aspects of protection for consumer electronic devices including mobile phones, tablets, computers and portable wireless equipment. Recently the product range has been increased to cover larger devices and the introduction of body harmonising systems are soon to be released.

Considerable expansion is planned for the business and over the next 12 months as new formulations and product applications become available to our new and existing customers. Expansion of our service business is planned and industry specific staff are joining the company to integrate these class leading products into various manufacturing plants and facilities. Overall its an exciting time for Liquid Glass Shield and we hope to be able to supply you with the exact product and formulation required to solve your surface protection challenges.