We all strive to maintain our homes and give our families a comfortable and safe environment to live and enjoy. Keeping our homes clean can often be a very time consuming and thankless task, add this to the cost of various cleaning products and chemicals that not only damage our home finances but can actually harm the very surface that they are supposed to clean. In a recent study air quality and contaminants in UK homes were measured, in many cases the contaminant level was found to be higher than a busy city street and much of this can be directly attributed to the use of harsh cleaning chemicals and additives.

An application of Liquid Glass Shield will not only protect hard and soft surfaces around the home but improve the actual process of cleaning by significantly reducing time and cost associated with traditional surface cleaning. Chemicals are no longer required as plain water will clean almost all surfaces. For a complete and thorough look at the Liquid Glass Shield range of home cleaning and surface protection products please visit www.greencleanprotect.com.

Liquid Glass Shield Protection on Suede

The following video shows how simple it is to apply Liquid Glass Shield on a suede boot but also how effective the coating is, once it’s been applied.

The Liquid Glass Shield Home and Office Range

Firstly, we have the sachet application method. This is designed for ease of use on hard surfaces and you get a sachet containing a cloth impregnated with cleaner, which is used after you’ve washed/cleaned the surface to be treated and removes any grease and oil residue that may still be on the surface. Then there is a sachet containing a cloth impregnated with Liquid Glass Shield. The sachets are ideal for small areas or to try out the products for yourself. To find out how to apply Liquid Glass Shield for Home and Office and for more tips, please click here to see our instructions page.

Download the Liquid Glass Shield for Home and Office Information Sheet (PDF - Adobe Acrobat or Reader required)