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12th August 2016
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6th December 2016
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No more stains – Marine Stainless Steel Renovator

One of marine clients just sent us this image of our new Liquid Glass Shield stainless steel renovator in action. This was the first time he had used it and sent us this message, “I used the product on all the stainless steel components and couldn’t believe how quickly it restored the fittings, they looked like new”

LGS Marine

Before and after, the difference is clear

This product has been developed to clean and renovate all types and grades of stainless steel without the use of corrosive acids and harsh chemicals. The product is wiped over the surface, allowed to dry for a few minutes then washed with clean water. The original finish is restored and can now be protected with Liquid Glass Shield marine protector.

This product can be ordered directly from this website FREE international shipping

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